Homeschool and Non-Traditional Education

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Are you thinking of homeschooling?

Have you been homeschooling and are now facing some challenges?

Are you exploring your options for educating your child?

Transitioning to homeschooling and would like some support?

Traditional systems of education are not a good fit for everyone. Fortunately we have options. In my practice, I help families and children who homeschool or participate in alternatives to traditional education. With over 10 years of direct experience in homeschooling and alternative education, I’ve been able to meet some of the specific psycho-social needs of these families.


I can work with your family to:

  • Provide support while exploring alternatives to traditional education.

  • Help you transition into a homeschool or alternative education environment.

  • Link you with local resources and systems of support.

  • Help identify and ground you in your preferred “homeschool style.”

  • Assist you in managing education hopes and expectations.


In addition to working with children and families, I specifically work with teen and young adult homeschoolers who are transitioning to more formal or traditional education. Going off to college or entering a formal training program can have some unique challenges for individuals who have been homeschooled. This is a great time to get some extra support! 



Natasha Morisawa



Physicians, Therapists, Psychologists, Teachers and other professionals who have contact with homeschoolers in your practice, I’m excited to offer informational sessions! I’m willing to address specific topics and provide insight into the current homeschool community. Call for consultation: (626)321-5869


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